Only 6-bit color depth on Intel UHD 6xx Graphics and Dell Display

A while ago I noticed some color problems on my work display. It seemed to have problems with color gradients. I investigated a litttle and found information in the advanced display settings that my Dell-Display only supports 6-Bit color depth.

color depth in advanced display settings

Back than I found no clue what the problem could be. Except that at home with the same display I had no problems. Difference was: At home working with NVidia graphics card and at work with an Intel UHD 620 Chipset.

Some days ago I found at least two threads in the Intel forum with people with the same problem. They all have Dell displays and Intel UHD graphics. In one of the treads an Intel employee already said that the problem was found and a new driver will be released soon. As of now this did not happen but I will update this post than.

Update 2018-11-29: Yesterday a new driver was released wich fixes the problem. Beginning with driver version (UWD) full 8-Bit ist available again!

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